Here are frequently asked questions regarding Piehole. If you have more questions, just contact us at support at rocktonic dot com.

Piehole Support FAQ

Q: Do you have a Press Kit?

A: Yes, check out our press page.

Q: Can others play Piehole on my device and keep their scores, stats and achievements separate from mine?
A: Yes, launch Game Center and sign out, then sign into another player’s Game Center account and relaunch Piehole.

Q: Do I have to use Game Center to play Piehole?
A: No, you don’t have to sign into Game Center to play Piehole. Piehole will keep scores and stats locally for you as a default player, but you lose the ability to earn achievements and post scores to Piehole’s Leaderboards on Game Center.

Q: Can I use Piehole coins on more than one device?
A: No, coins you purchase may only be used in the game on the device you purchase them from. They are not transferable to other devices. However, the coins you purchase on that device are shared between all players on that device.

Q: What happens if my device becomes corrupted and I lose my coins?
A: We apologize greatly, but coins are irreplaceable if this happens as they are considered consumable purchases. They cannot be restored. Make sure you periodically backup your device with iTunes.

Q: How does the Faceoff work?

A: Faceoff turns your Facebook friends into targets in the game. You get 1,000 points for these targets and 25,000 points free per level just for enabling this feature. By enabling this feature and logging into Facebook, Piehole will automatically post to your Wall at the end of play only once every 24 hours that you play. You need an internet connection to play with Faceoff or it will be disengaged.

Q: Can I suggest a feature or new game idea?

A: Um, YES, please!




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