Plenty of shizz to shoot everywhere you look.


Help Peter Piehole retrieve all the treats stolen from his family shop. Follow his trail across three worlds and 30 levels, shooting anything and everything to attain the highest score, gathering treats along the way. Find the easter eggs if you can, but watch out for bad targets because hitting them reduces your score. Select from 27 unique ammunition options including rubber duckies, cannonballs, swords, saws, skulls, farts, flamethrowers, rainbows, lightning and even the kitchen sink. Combine these with powerups for greater effect. Earn achievements as you get better, moving through a variety of 3D environments. For mega bonus points, import your Facebook friends as targets. Believe me, there is nothing so perversely satisfying as blowing up your favorite peeps online, especially the ones with amazing careers, really cute kids and perfect lives.